The advantages of ordering a kitchen with appliances included

Bismobil Kitchen, together with the German brand of home appliances Teka, provides you with professional technologies that will help you cook the most delicious and sophisticated dishes for your loved ones and make your work in the kitchen easier.

You will feel like a real master chef with this modernized home appliance that will do practically everything for you! From soups, tarts, and pizza to dishwashing and smart oven cleaning.

Quality and multifunctional appliances will make your kitchen experience much more enjoyable.

You can equip your kitchen with a hood, oven, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, hob, sink, and kitchen accessories (pots, pans, crockery).

Convenient? Surely!



We know that your time is very precious, that's why we have safe solutions for your kitchen right in the Bismobil Kitchen showroom, so you won't have to "scour" all the specialized stores to find the right technique for you because you will find everything you need it in one place.


Here are 5 reasons to choose to buy appliances with your kitchen:


1. Time saving

We know what it means to be in the process of renovating - lots of work to do, lots to buy, lots to check…

More and more things are on your shoulders, you are tired of roads, shops, and clutter in the house, and you can't wait for everything to be ready.

We make your work easier because we will help you find everything you need. You don't have to go to the shops, because you buy the appliances with the kitchen furniture from the same place, the Bismobil Kitchen showroom.



2. Perfect incorporation

A professional designer recommends appliances suitable for your kitchen and fits them perfectly in the 3D project. It will make it easier for you to visualize your future kitchen. So you can rest assured that the kitchen and appliances will blend in perfectly at the end, and you won't have any "unpleasant surprises."



3. Money saving

Opting for the whole line of appliances in the same range, you get a great price and free delivery with the kitchen, which shows that you will not have any problems with transporting them, you will do your job quietly, but we will take care of everything all these.



Once you plan a modern kitchen, opt for modern gadgets - a coffee maker, a dishwasher - turn this space into one that makes your work easier and gives you a dose of pleasure.

Today, every 3rd BK kitchen is equipped with TEKA appliances.

We invite you to opt for your fully equipped kitchen with quality appliances that will make your moments in the kitchen much easier, happier, and worry-free.



4. Aesthetic aspect

If you opt for the built-in technique, your kitchen will look much better visually; there will be no cracks or gaps, and almost all appliances can be hidden behind the fronts or "hidden" visually in the kitchen due to color schemes. So, on a graphite worktop, a black hob is almost invisible, and if you choose one on the contrary, white, it will fit very delicately on the white wooden worktop.

With the incorporation of appliances, you will see that you will no longer have such big problems with the kitchen dirt that occurs during cooking. You won't find drops of grease on the sidewalls of the stove or refrigerator; the crumbs do not fall between the sink and the washing machine. And built-in appliances hidden behind the fronts emit 20-30% less noise - perfect for families with small children or kitchen combined with living room.



5. Comfort

And the icing on the cake is that the appliances will be incorporated into your kitchen as you wish, according to your comforts, according to your height, so that you can make your kitchen exactly according to your preferences.




We invite you to an imaginary experience ... close your eyes and remember what a mess it was in your kitchen when you had guests at home: a lot of dirty dishes, the dirty oven with drops of fat, after such a "view" you say that in you will soon no longer make hearty meals with guests at home. But now, after you have smart appliances from Teka, it won't be a problem for you. You put the dishes in the washing machine, and it will save you a lot of time, and you can program the oven and clean itself! Does it sound like a story ?!



Everything is true and possible if you choose the built-in appliances from Teka! It will no longer be a problem for you to greet guests at home and prepare the dishes because the stove can cook the steak in your place! Sounds nice, right?


TEKA brand

The Teka brand, created in Germany, is based on quality, technology, and innovation. Their products are known worldwide for their reliability, efficiency, and accuracy. Today, after almost 100 years of history, Teka still works tirelessly to give all products the best functionality and design to achieve excellence with every step. And the values that guide the company are honesty, generosity, and originality, all to provide quality solutions for customer satisfaction. At them, you will find the best quality products, the most modern and original designs, and the greatest innovations at a fair price.



"Every day, we strive to understand your needs better and develop new solutions to help you find new opportunities in the kitchen," says Teka.

You will find everything for your perfect kitchen in our showrooms, where the whole team is waiting for you with open arms to help you plan your dream kitchen.

Simple and convenient - everything in the Bismobil Kitchen showroom.

We are waiting for you to make the right choice for you and your kitchen. Don't hesitate to make an appointment NOW!


Request free measurements now!

An expert designer takes your space measurements and creates a unique 3D project for you!

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The advantages of ordering a kitchen with appliances included

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