How to order?


Measurements at home

The designer visits your home and measures the size of your kitchen with precision.


Kitchen project presentation

Visit our showroom and we will provide you with a comprehensive project, executed with the utmost care, which includes technical sketching and 3D modeling to ensure that the final product exceeds your expectations. We bring you water / sewerage / gas network tracking solutions and an adjustable price quote that fits your budget.


Signing the contract

Sign the contract and be sure that the kitchen will be produced on time, according to your preferences. You pay 70% of the kitchen price, and we issue you the receipt, the user guide, the technical sketch and the 3D project. We set up the delivery date of your custom kitchen.


Repeated measurements

The furniture technician takes the last measurements, to guarantee maximum precision.


Delivery and assembly

We deliver your kitchen and install it in maximum 7 days, based on the project complexity. We are careful to keep your house clean, after the installation.


Warranty and post-warranty

Any nonconformity is quickly removed for free during the 5-year warranty. We make adjustments after the warranty period, if needed.

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