Your kitchen as a GIFT

Six times we brought tears of happiness to the eyes of those who won in previous editions. It is an action fueled by the desire to make things better and more beautiful and to make as many people happy as possible.

We start June with the 7th edition of the raffle "Your kitchen as a GIFT".


The chance to receive your custom kitchen as a GIFT

A custom kitchen is a significant investment and a long-term purchase, but have you ever thought you could enjoy it as a gift?

In June, we offer you the chance to create your kitchen exactly the way you want it and receive it as a gift.

You have to sign the contract between June 1-30, 2022, and you automatically become a raffle participant. All customers in June will participate in the raffle, and one will win the chance to get all their money back.

The winner will receive as a gift the kitchen furniture exactly as in the established project: with mechanisms, storage systems, and appliances ordered.

Request free measurements and be one step closer to earning your kitchen as a GIFT.


Give luck a chance to find you!



*Contest rules:

1. Sign the contract for the kitchen at Bismobil Kitchen between June 1-30. Your contract will be automatically entered into the raffle.

2. The draw will take place in July 2022 with the prior announcement of the participants about the exact time and date of the draw, which will take place Live on the Facebook page of the company: Bismobil Kitchen Moldova, and the Instagram page: @bismobilkitchen.

3. In the promotion, all signed contracts with the advance paid will participate with equal chances, even if the furniture has not yet been delivered or installed - the minimum advance is 70% of the contract value.

4. At the time of receiving the advance for the contract, the client will be informed about participation in the raffle.

5. The amount returned may not exceed the value of the contract and represents 100% of the value of the furniture.

6. If the winner has ordered a kitchen with appliances, then the amount for the kitchen and the amount for the appliances will be refunded.

7. Bismobil SRL will return the value of the contract at the time of delivery of the kitchen.

8. The raffle winner automatically gives his consent that he agrees with publishing photos and videos with him and the kitchen.


Meet the lucky ones from previous editions:



Request free measurements now!

An expert designer takes your space measurements and creates a unique 3D project for you!

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